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2015 Raffle ticket prizes

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What you need to know about the MYHA Budget.

As we embark on our 2012 Just Add Ice III campaign, we would like to share with you some detail on our budget. The Just Add Ice campaign will be a very important fundraiser for MYHA and will help us make some much needed capital improvements. The most visible of those improvements will be the new electric Zamboni as our current Olympia is nearing the end of its useful life after over 18 years of service. Between that and the new cooling tower, we are looking at a $250,000 investment to ensure the future of our excellent program.

So, you may ask whether MYHA could pay for improvements like these out of its normal annual budget, reserves, or out of revenue from Hockey Day Minnesota 2011. The short answer is “no”. Hockey Day was a break-even event for the Association except that we were able to build the great new outdoor rink at no expense to the program. Our normal annual budget of roughly $620,000 pays for the expenses of operating the program, the building and keeping the players fees as low as possible. Our reserves are small and are in place for emergencies.

Below is a breakdown of our basic sources of income and our expenses. Net revenue from charitable gaming (after we pay out prizes and pay gaming taxes) generates over a quarter of our income. About 16% of our revenue is generated through player registration fees. Income from ice rentals (17%), tournaments (16%) and concessions (11%) amounts to almost half of our revenues. Donations, sponsorships and fundraising account for 14%.

On the expense side, our largest expense is wages; fees for coaches and referees, travel and taxes at 48%. Utilities - mainly electricity to make the ice amount to 16%; the same as the income received from registration fees. Ice rentals at MSC and our bond payment are 13%. Expenses for repairs and maintenance, tournament registration fees, hockey supplies, equipment and trophies, etc. make up the remainder.

As you look at these numbers, please keep the following in mind:

Just Add Ice III: Please consider signing up for the Just Add Ice III campaign. MYHA has not had a fundraising campaign in 10 years. We need to raise the funds for the capital improvements to ensure that our program will continue very strong in the future.

Volunteering:  Please volunteer as much as you can. The less we have to pay third parties for maintaining the rink facilities and the programs, the more money we can invest in the program itself. For example, if you or your players see something that needs repair or cleaning, let us know and also consider how you can help. We all want to make sure we present MYHA in the best possible light to all visitors.

Fundraising:  Please help with fundraising. Whether it is wreaths, participating in the auctions or selling extra raffles tickets, fundraising generates much needed income. If you have an idea for different fundraisers, please let us know.

Sponsors:  First of all, frequent our sponsors’ businesses whenever you can and let them know that you thank them for their sponsorships. Also, if you know of businesses or individuals who would like to sponsor MYHA or donate to the program, let us know. We are always looking for additional sponsors who would like to take advantage of the exposure our program can provide.

Income (2010)

Expenses (2010)