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Tobolt Equipment Lease Program

To The Members,

The Scott Tobolt Memorial Golf Tournament began in 2004 to honor the person Scott was and the impact he had on everyone that knew him. When we realized how much of a success the tournament would be we partnered with MYHA to help kids have a chance to try hockey with minimal expense. MYHA has embraced the program and done an excellent job in honoring Scott and making his presence a permanent fixture at the rink. At the Moorhead Youth Hockey Arena, Scott’s number 17 is on the wall of the main entrance along with a picture of Scott during his rookie year. There is a sticker with the number and the initials ST placed on the lease helmets. The sticker logo is also on display on the sheet of ice in the south rink. The people in charge of the lease program do an excellent job of explaining to the parents at the beginning of the year where the money comes from and what type of person Scott was. Anytime parents tell their friends that their kids can play hockey for the first few years without the expense of buying equipment, they are quick to add that it is because of Scott Tobolt and his memorial and the funds made during the golf tournament that the equipment is free. The program has been gaining recognition throughout the state and across the river.

The support behind the annual golf tournament has been overwhelming and is getting stronger every year. The 13th annual tourney held in 2016 was a record year in that we had 51 teams register with over 200 golfers participating.

In 2013, the Foundation voted to award funds annually to the Spud Girls and Boys High School teams, providing a $500 scholarship to be used for academics.  The winner is voted on by the coaches and awarded to a player that demonstrates strong work in the classroom as well as possessing strong character and leadership qualities.

It is your unlimited support that really makes it a very rewarding yet very emotional day during the tournament. Your love, support and friendship is greatly appreciated and words can’t express properly how much it means to our family.

Scott Tobolt Family

Tobolt Equipment Fundraising

In the first year of the event (2004), the Scott Tobolt Memorial Charity Golf Tournament provided 36 children with hockey equipment.  In the years following, we equipped:

2005 - 62

2006 - 104

2007 - 85

2008 - 167

2009 - 155

2010 - 162

2011 - 185

2012 - 214

2013 - 210

2014 - 200+

2015 - 185 + 19 summer squirts + 7 kids from Hope Inc.

2016 - 203

2017 - 196

A large majority of the money raised from the events to date has gone to provide equipment for girls and boys at no cost.  Through the first 13 years of the tournament, the Scott Tobolt Memorial Golf Tournament has raised nearly $325,000.00. We can’t do this without your help. We are seeking donations for the silent auction that will be held the day of the golf tournament, tournament sponsors, tee box/hole sponsors, and cash donations.  Send an email to if you are willing to make any sort of donation. We are a public charity, 501-(C)3, EIN#27-2867144

Scott Tobolt

Scott Tobolt (1976-2003) passed away from injuries sustained in a farm accident in 2003. Born in Moorhead, MN, to John and Mary Tobolt, Scott was the youngest of three children.  He graduated from Moorhead High School in 1995 and received a BA degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in 1999.  After completing his studies, he returned to Moorhead to work on his family’s farm, Tobolt Seed. 

Scott loved the game of hockey. He played in the Moorhead Youth Hockey Association from 1981 – 1992 and played for the Moorhead High School “Spuds” from 1992 – 1995, appearing in the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament his Junior and Senior seasons.  During his time at the U of M, Scott stayed around the game working behind the scenes at Mariucci Arena and got to do what most hockey fans dream about, drive the Zamboni.  Scott also had a great love for the outdoors, whether it was hunting, fishing or being at the lakes.

Equipment Lease

The Tobolt Equipment Lease program offers equipment to Rookie and Mite/8U players.  The completed registration form and $200 deposit fee is required before equipment is handed out.  The following equipment is included according to player level and is available at Hockey Zone.

Rookie:  Helmet, face mask, gloves, elbow pads, shin pads, breezers and skates. Stick and bag when available.

Mite/8U:  Helmet, face mask, gloves, elbow pads, shin pads, breezers, skates and shoulder pads.  Stick and bag when available.

The Hockey Zone, with owner Rory Sandvig and staff have been a fantastic partner for The Tobolt Foundation, supplying and fitting a majority of the equipment since inception.  When we have equipment hand out, return, and fittings, we will make announcements on the MYHA website as well as all of our social media accounts.  We ask parents of leasers to please not contact The Hockey Zone directly or visit their store for requests and/or fittings.  Please reach out directly to our organization at and we will get in touch to set up a time for fitting or exchange. Please make sure to support and patronize Rory and this Moorhead business as they are great partners to the community and Moorhead Youth Hockey.

Tobolt Scholarships

The first scholarships were given out in 2013.  Here is a list of winners:

2013:    Ehrin McKaig and Peter MacFarlane.

2014:    Grant Weiss and Rebekah Hakk

2015:    Justin Keller and Micaela Mjoness.

2016:    Cooper Tietz and Mckyla Overby

2017:    Marissa Herdt and Cooper Czichotzki


Where to Find Us


Facebook: Scott Tobolt Foundation

Twitter: @toboltgolftourn