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By admin, 09/28/18, 8:30AM CDT


The Schedule for upcoming clinic, open hockey, and tryout sessions for all levels can be found on the Calendar on the MYHA website:


1.      Go to the MYHA website

2.      Click the “Calendar” tab in the top navigation bar

3.      Scroll down to the calendar and click “Show Tag Menu” on the bottom right side of the calendar


If you would like to see all scheduled activities for all levels, select the gray button, “Select All Tags”.


If you would like to customize the view to see only activities related to your player (squirt example):


1.      Check the box labeled “Squirts” at the top of the Squirt Section of team listings

2.      Check the box labeled “Squirts (2018-19) in the Squirts (All Seasons) list


All fall Squirt activities will show on the calendar. Follow the same steps for any other level you would like to view. Once you have all your tag preferences selected it should default to those settings anytime you return to the MYHA website on that device. Also, iCal options are available at the bottom of the calendar to add your customized MYHA calendar to most email account calendars.