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By admin, 11/21/17, 2:30PM CST


10 THINGS To BE Ten Tips For Developing The Person,                                   And The Player   

USAHockeymagazine; Sept. 2017, Article by Lisa Vollmers

Student athletes were asked to create a list or “things to be” that will enable them to experience success on and off the ice.

Be Kind & Polite: Manners make a difference at school and at home; it is important for athletes to treat coaches, teachers, classmates, and family members with kindness and respect. Doing so goes a long way toward building important relationships.

Be Friendly: The goal is always for our student-athletes to develop friendships. The best way to do so is to be the kind of person that other people want to be around.

Be On Time & Prepared: Every coach expects his players to be early to practice and ready to play. Student-athletes should be held to the same standard at school and home.

Be Participating & Engaging: Without question, players need to be active learners in the classroom. They need to arrive on time, have their homework completed, be prepared to ask questions. The same is true at home. Student-athletes need to be active members of the family, doing chores, participating in group activities, eating family meals, and actively engaging in conversation.

Be Humble: It is important to remember that every day they are surrounded by other talented individuals and thus need to appreciate and respect everyone.

Be a Leader & Professional: Some people are born leaders and others have to develop those skills. The best way for young players to improve their leadership skills and act as a professional is to focus on the “10 things to be” in addition to taking responsibility for their development. Set goals and work hard.

Be Appropriate: Recognizing where you are and with whom you are interacting with is important. Recognizing the appropriate time and place for fun.

Be Proactive: Look out for one another on your team. Be a leader.

Be Helpful: Be a good teammate and a friend. Mistakes will happen and be responsible for your actions & help each other whenever possible. Develop healthy habits.

Be a Good Teammate: Success doesn’t happen without planning & hard work.