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M3 - raise. eliminate. connect.


M3 began with a passion to Raise Awareness, Eliminate the Stigma, and Connect Resources for anyone affected by mental health. M3 is the product of hockey moms, Amber Ferrie and Lezlee Bertie, bringing a mental health initiative to Moorhead Youth Hockey, which both of their families participate in.

Research shows that kids begin to feel things like anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence and doubt as early as 8 years old. M3 recognizes that we have to connect with kids sooner by bringing them tools that help them understand what they may be feeling or what their friends may be feeling with age appropriate curriculum. We have to start young. M3 has partnered with Solutions Behavioral Healthcare Professions and The Premier Mindset Program, which is the Sports Psychology program that the Minnesota Wild use. The Premier Mindset Program is designed to provide relevant age appropriate content, as well as an online experience for each MYHA family to use. Modules within this program include tops such as focus, mindfulness, anxiety, and other methods to train your brain. These topics will be valuable in athletic endeavors, but more importantly they are valuable in the bigger game of life.

M3 will offer support and host events throughout the year that bring focus to mental health. Together we will Raise Awareness, Eliminate the Stigma and Connect Resources for mental health and there is no better place to start than in youth sports.

Premier Mindset Kick Off Video

Monthly Topics

October - Focus
November - Motivation
December - Mindfulness
January - Emotional Regulation
February - Confidence

Tutorial for Signing up for Premier Mindset Program